Blue Pancakes

Blue Pancakes

Blue Pancakes…..
Why do you have to eat blue pancakes? They taste exactly the same as the brown ones?! I don’t have time for this! This is ridiculous! All things I am screaming in my head as my toddler is melting down this morning while I am rushing around to get the boys ready for school. Then I pick him up and walk into the other room. I leave the brown pancakes burning on the stove and hold him, kiss him and cuddle him while his world is a mess and nothing makes sense. Because to him, this is grief. To him the thing that he knows and can control is the color of his pancakes in the morning. Because to him, he expresses desire from the place of constant feeling, where we can feel everything. He doesn’t have layers to strip away yet, they are all there.

I notice in this moment that I have no approval for grief. It is uncomfortable. I don’t have time. It is ridiculous and messy and needs to be shoved down. So I sit with him in his grief and hold him. I don’t fix it, I don’t offer suggestions, I sit in full approval of his grief over his pancakes. And you know what happened? It ran, it flowed and it completed its circuit so that he could then tell me, on his own, exactly what he wanted and how we could make it better together. He didn’t want me to fix it or him, he wanted us to do it together. It was when I tried to do it on my own that things went totally south.

It is uncomfortable to sit in someone else’s grief and not want to fix it. It is even more uncomfortable for me to sit in my own grief and have approval for it.

So today I am going to practice sitting in my grief. I am going to have approval for my grief. When the tears start to fall I am not going to fix it. I am going to let them flow, I am going to let them complete their circuit. Because in the end I will be cleared out and maybe then I will have the clarity to tell someone exactly what I want and we can fix it together.

~the life lessons from a toddler

Ibiza on a budget

Ibiza on a budget

Ibiza may seem like an expensive place to the inexperienced eye and it’s easy to see why. Nightclub entry ticket prices are not exactly inexpensive. Many hotels cost more than the average monthly mortgage repayment. Thinking of buying a round of drinks in a super-club? Good one.

But don’t despair. Although this magical island seems too far of a stretch for your budget, it can be done on the cheap. Take it from me, a champion of the breadline with a wallet drier than your mouth at DC10 after refusing to break into a twenty for a beer.

Here are some top tips on how not only to survive an Ibiza holiday on a budget but also to thrive. Move over Martin Lewis. Here goes.


Without a doubt, the biggest cost on Ibiza is the club entry. Ranging from a modest €15 to a let-me-pull-your-pants-back-up €80, just sampling a couple of the island’s world-class club delights can eat through your entire budget.

But for most of us, that’s why we’re here. You won’t find better line-ups, production or characters on any other part of the globe. So you can either suck it up or get smart.

Packages are a great way to bring the cost down and add structure to your holiday. Check out the boat party offers as most of them include entry not just to one super-club but two and sometimes even three or more clubs. Plus, of course, don’t forget the actual boat party itself, many of which include drinks and have their own pre-party included.

But not all partying has to cost a small fortune. There are plenty of intimate venueswith reasonable prices. Las Dalias in San Carlos and Underground in San Rafael are popular options off the beaten track for residents and those in the know. This means that 1) it’s affordable and 2) the music is banging.

Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks are leading the way in hosting banging open-air parties from afternoon to early evening in San Antonio without leaving a dent in your wallet.

If the super-clubs and hot party spots are what you want, though, then look-out for savings if you buy earlier. For example, this year Pacha has started a dynamic pricing system, so if you grab tickets for your favourite parties before arriving then you save massively.

Also, you can look out for early entry tickets, for example, Benimussa Park and Hï Ibiza. Arriving at the club early can be a good way to move around the club, find a spot and discover rising talents warming up the night while saving up to 50%.

Plus, of course, you have the several free pre-party delights that the island has to offer. These parties often have the same DJs of the super-clubs getting the night started early.

In San Antonio alone, there are Café Mambo, Ibiza Rocks Bar and Café Del Mar, to name a few. In the south, Guy Gerber‘s free RUMORS party at Destino always goes off. You can also head over to Playa D’en Bossa and start the night dancing at Tantra until midnight or work on that tan in the day at Bora Bora‘s famous beach parties.

There is plenty out there so make sure you check out our party calendar for the full low-down on prices and line-ups.

If you like to plan ahead, keep tabs on early bird tickets from January to April. Keep that in mind of your Ibiza 2019 planning.


Think of your body as a well-oiled party engine. It needs fuel. But eating-out on Ibizacan be expensive, which means that Ferrari motor will soon be moving like a rundown Fiat 500 if you aren’t careful.

Take advantage of the island’s many menú del días, where calories and cost don’t go hand-in-hand. Just take a short walk away from the tourist feeding spots and sample a host cafés, restaurants and bars. You’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced yet delicious the food can be.

The local supermarkets are also great options to provide solid sustenance at a slashed price in comparison to the beachfront shops. Grab fresh bread, jamonand cheese and put together some beach-day sandwiches.

Also worth noting is that you can find fairly decent wine for under €2 in the supermarkets, but that doesn’t mean I recommend getting wasted on the beach – no matter how fun it is.


The best idea for those on a budget is not necessarily to choose the cheapest accommodation but the one that works for you. Personally, a bed and a shower is enough, with the latter a luxury. By the same token, if your place is a dive, then you’re more likely to go out and spend. Scientific fact.

Book in advance or search last minute deals. Also, look out for the hotels with a nice pool area so you don’t have to seek holiday solace elsewhere and actually pay through your nose for a drink to be there. If your place has its own kitchen, huge bonus. The money saved by cooking could earn you a cocktail on the sunset strip. Totally worth it.

The word hostel rings alarms bells to many, but on Ibiza, there are plenty reasonably priced places with top-notch facilities. It can also be a good place to meet like-minded budgeters and workers who can offer their wisdom.


If you could put a price on Ibiza’s natural beauty, no one could afford to be here. Whether it’s watching the sunset on the rocks of San Antonio or hiking through Ses Salines Natural Park, there’s plenty to explore on the White Isle.

To get around, Ibiza’s bus service offers a low-cost and environmentally friendly way to travel to all corners of the island.

In Ibiza Town, there’s Dalt Vila, a UNESCO heritage site with a rich history. Walk up the cobbled steps and breathe in a view of the beautiful town below. All for free. Just make sure you bring your own food as eating there can get pretty costly.

Later on, wave the sun goodbye and begin your evening at one of several stunning sunset spots on the west coast. Grab a €2 box of sangria and meet new friends on San Antonio’s sunset strip, or head to the mystical Es Vedrà rock, one of the most enchanting places on the island, for a spiritual Ibiza experience.


  • Load-up on cheap booze and invite new-found-friends to a pre-drinking session
  • Use the disco bus – it is a saviour
  • Befriend workers and leech off their discounts at food places and bars
  • Check out the free parties – always a blast
  • Grab a taxi after 7:00 am for the cheapest tariff, making partying for longer even more worthwhile
  • Buy tickets online and in advance so that you can plan your budget more easily
  • Visit in May, June, September and October when prices are lower yet packed full of great opening and closing parties

One day you may be lucky enough to indulge in the richer fruits of Ibiza, but if today is not that day, it’s all an experience. No matter how much or how little money you have to spend on your stay on the island, you’ll be guaranteed an abundance of fun.

I know I’m having fun😛😛😛😛

It’s blogtober-wait am I really doing this?

Oh boy, am I really doing this? It is officially October, which, in the blogosphere, is also known as Blogtober. Basically, it means that you have a new post out every day throughout the month. I was told that it doesn’t all have to be mainly about fall or whatever else is connected to the month, so I really thought I’d give it a go. This is pretty much only the introduction so you won’t be wondering if someone with a lot of motivation hacked my account.

I planned on having more posts prepared by now, since I took some time off from work and all, but something always seemed to get in the way of writing, which is super frustrating. However, I really want to do this because I was always interested in finding out what happens to my blog, if I post on a daily basis. I mean, something will change, right? So I will give it a go and failing will just not be an option. I have a list with ideas and until I go back to work on Thursday, I will try to get as much written as possible. I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger for most of the year, so I can just get my act together for a month.

I really hope that this works out and that my readers will enjoy all the posts that are at least already present in my head. Man, I really need to turn my writing mojo on for this. Keep an eye on this space and some love would obviously be very much appreciated. And to all my fellow bloggers who are attempting the same: May the force be with you.✌🏽

Mission impossible: How to successfully juggle studying and motherhood

Mission impossible: How to successfully juggle studying and motherhood

Studying while you have a young family can be the best time to retrain, re-skill or to simply fulfil a personal goal. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re even thinking of it, it pays to do some homework so you’ll be better prepared for what lies ahead.

That’s what I should have done when at the age of 18, I took a leap of faith, left part time work, enrolled in a three-year degree and became a full-time student. All great except after two years I started working part time again.

And so began my rather extended life as a mother-student. I completed my first year full-time.the next year and juggled baby and study. In my third year, I continued full time and whilst juggling my daughter. Onwards I went, completing my two years full-time with my toddler. When I finally graduated, I was ever so pleased and happy within myself that I completed my degree

It took me three years to complete my degree. I just kept plugging away because I knew that if I ever stopped, I would never go back to it.

I won’t lie. Studying like this was hard. Some days it felt way too hard. There were days I cried. But then there were fabulous days too – when assignments and exams were completed and I got the reward for the effort. And that fantastic end-of-year feeling when everything was handed in and you were totally done? Priceless.

And beyond me achieving my goals – getting my degree and resetting my career – I really DID something for myself with my little one on my side. Looking back, studying when I did was actually the best thing I have ever done for myself. And I have just recently completed my masters degree 🙂

So with this in mind, here are my top tips to make studying and motherhood work.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what can done today

Procrastination is what got me my very, very average HSC marks when I was at school. I always delayed getting started until the very last minute, but when you’re a mum, you just can’t do that. There will be a million legitimate reasons why life gets in the way of study: you have a sick child; you were up 10 times in the night tending to a crying baby; you want to go to playgroup – so when you have the opportunity to do your work, take it! You never know what is coming round the corner, so take the chance NOW and put your head in your books.

Be practical about the elective subjects you choose

Most courses have compulsory subjects and you’ll have no choice about what they are or when they are timetabled. But when it comes to elective subjects, do some research and have a really good think about what you can manage, what the study load will be through the semester, how much reading there will be versus how much coursework you will have to complete. You’ll be surprised how much variation there can be between subjects and what might have once worked, may not work now.

Part-time studying mum vs full-time studying mum

When you’re a busy mum, making the decision to return to study – or study for the first time – feels epic. And that’s because it is. You’re investing a lot of energy and effort into something outside you, your family and your home. You want to make sure it’s a success. Before you begin, think about what’s practical in terms of the hours you can commit to study, and don’t forget that there will be plenty of homework to get through too. For a lot of busy mums, part-time study is a more practical solution even if it does take you twice as long to complete your course. Part-time study gives you more wriggle room to fit in the rest of your life.

Do the reading!

I won’t lie. The course reading is a killer. And if you are an exhausted mother, the course reading is like some kind of magical double-strength sleeping pill. I would dutifully make time to do my reading – usually at night once the kids had gone to bed – and then promptly slip into a coma five minutes later. If you possibly can, try and prepare for classes when you’re not dog-tired and do try to get the reading done. Without doing the reading, you only get value from the turning-up-to-class part of the course, which is a real lost opportunity. AND without doing the reading, your job come exam time will be way, way harder.

Don’t apologise for studying

This one is a biggie. Undertaking a course of study is not the same as regularly going to book club with your girlfriends. Sure, it takes you out of the house and away from your family but for ongoing study to be a success and sustainable, you and your loved ones, cannot consider it as an extracurricular activity, something that can be squeezed into a busy life and then dropped when things get hectic. To study successfully, you will have to make room for it in your life. Every single week. You may need to rearrange your schedule and that may inconvenience others a little bit. But if you want to commit to studying, then you have to commit to studying.

Keep on truckin’

Applying for any course – whether it’s a three-year degree or a one-year diploma – can feel super-daunting. But the one thing that motherhood teaches us all is that time goes by so quickly and before you know it, you’ll be done. Don’t think of it as three long years of scary commitment: instead break it down to THIS semester, THIS term, THIS month, THIS week … whatever makes it feel more manageable for you. Because I studied when my kids were babies, my study goals were really modest. I just went from week to week and assignment to assignment. Any day that an assignment was completed, was a good day. And I concentrated on celebrating the good days. And that got me through.

Holiday Makeup|Keeping Things Simple

Holiday Makeup|Keeping Things Simple

I’m a simple creature, Minimal makeup is my thing, and I plan to keep it that way, especially when I travel. Regular readers on this blog will be quite aware that I have a love for travel these days. I’m not really a backpacker I just like going on as many holidays as possible and exploring different cultures. Because of this,  I have feel like I have nailed my holiday makeup bag.

I have found the magic of lash extensions, Bloody hell they are time saver. I opted for classic natural looking individual lashes from totally fabulash on Ecclesall road in Sheffield however if you do a little research you will be able to find an amazing salon in your reverse town. If you are heading on your holidays I would highly recommend getting individual lashes as it just saves so much time getting ready in the evenings and you also look great whiles on the beach or pool. I had mind done for Bali and they were absolutely brilliant even when I was surfing & snorkelling.

When I do wear make up I tend to stick to just two products. They have been tried and tested over the last dew years so I know that I can rely on them. This most important product to me is my It Cosmetics CC Cream, I have had to go up to the medium shade in recent months and I absolutely love it. I have droned on about this product for so long now and Its something I recommend to friends and family regularly. The only rubbish thing about this product is the lack of shade options, I really do think It Cosmetics should have a larger variety for all skins.

Who doesn’t love a bit of bronzer? I don’t do anything fancy with it, I like to apply it to all of the high points of my face where I would usually catch sun. I am using a gorgeous bronzer at the moment, Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze. the smooth baked bronzing block adds a subtle glow to the complexion. I like to apply mine using a Real Techniques duo blush brush for a lovely colour without overdoing it.

I like to keep all my bits and bobs in my beautiful Elizabeth Scarlett Watamu Turtle pouch. Everyone that sees this pouch comments how lovely it it & I couldn’t agree more. I have been known to use this as a clutch bag when I am packing super light.

That really  is all I travel with, Simple right?

Pass Me The Map|Travel List

Pass Me The Map|Travel List

I know, You are possibly getting a little sick of all these travel posts but I have truly been bitten by the travel bug and I am constantly seeking out new adventures and fill my desire to see different cultures and learn new skills. If I could visit every country in the world I would, but you have to start somewhere so here are the places that have caught my eye recently. These change daily as I scroll through Instagram but for now, Here is my top four destination.

Ericeira, Portugal.

Ever since my surfing lesson in Bali I have been longing to head back to the ocean and have more lessons. I had so much fun it was probably one of the best workouts I have ever had, My whole body ached from head to toe and it felt incredible. I have been doing a little research and I think Ericeira might be the place to head too for surfing in Europe. Apparently, Ericeira has some amazing seafood restaurants, I love seafood so this place sounds right up my street. I spent a lot of my childhood in Portugal with my parents but it was always in the south around Vilamoura area, I will be interested to see a different coastline.

Banff, Canada.

I’ve never been to Canada, How shocking is that? I plan to change this as soon as I can. I actually haven’t done too much research if I am being honest so I would really have to look into it before booking anything but all I know is that I need to visit here with my camera & take in all the beautiful scenery, the mountains are so pretty, I would love to snap some pictures there. If you have been before, I would love to hear any tips & recommendations you have, I’m all ears!

Destination unknown, Australia

I would love to visit Australia, the country is so vast I haven’t pinned down a specific area or coastline. I’m currently thinking the East coast would be best, I would love to take 3-4 weeks and explore as much as possible. As you know I have a huge love for animals, I would love to snorkel / Dive the great barrier reef. It looks like the most magical place ever. I would possibly head over to the Sam at Ratpack Travel for a hand in organising this trip. They really know their stuff and I would 100% trust his opinion.

Palawan, Philipines. 

Well, the Philippines just looks incredible, Doesn’t it? I would definitely want to head to Palawan. I wouldn’t just stop there, I would want to try out as many areas of the Philippines as physically possible. It all looks so beautiful and the food is apparently incredible.

Do you have a travel Bucket list? Where are you jetting off to next?

Leave a comment below!!!

Scared of scrubs? Read my guide to selecting the perfect exfoliant

I don’t want no scrubs – scouring is for dishes – and although physical face polishers still exist, they’re no longer the über-abrasives of yore. Exfoliators come in many (three) different guises, so here’s a quick guide to deciding which type’s right for you…


For traditionalists (and the thick-skinned), physical exfoliators are effective when your skin’s bunged up or looking parched. Containing tiny grains (usually finely ground ‘organic matter’ such as nuts, seeds, sugar, silica or even coffee), suspended in an oily balm or gel, these buff skin back to beautiful – physically ‘lifting’ the dead cells and debris that can can compromise its light-reflective properties. Best used sparingly (once or twice a week), they’re ideal when you need to get skin glowing – stimulating blood flow to promote a youthful luminescence.

{Top Picks} Su-Man {Exfoliating Facial Polish}, Aesop {Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant}


‘Chemical exfoliant’ sounds scary, but don’t be deterred. These acid-based resurfacers are often remarkably gentle. Invariably A/BHA (Alpha/Beta Hydroxy-Acid) based, they star things such as glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids (all of which are nature-derived), and target the bonds that bind dulling dead scurf to skin’s surface. By dissolving this glue, they help shed the super-thin ‘stratum corneum’ – the oldest, uppermost layer of cells that contributes to dullness and makes skin look ‘meh’. Best used overnight – and always in conjunction with an SPF – these dead cells are protective and without them, skin is more susceptible to ageing UV rays.

{Top Picks} Alpha-H {Liquid Gold}, Dr. Dennis Gross {Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel}


Perfect for more sensitive skins, prone to blocked pores or congestion, enzymatic exfoliants contain fruit enzymes – papaya, pineapple and pomegranate are all common – which collaborate with the enzymes found naturally on skin’s surface, to accelerate cellular turnover and ‘gobble up’ dead surface tissue. By refining skin texture in this way, cells are compelled to regenerate faster – which means signs of damage (scars, blemishes, dark spots) are diminished, and skin soon looks brighter and plumped-up. Enzymes are also less irritating than their chemical counterparts – therefore better for those with an easily upset complexion.

{Top Picks} Josh Rosebrook {Active Enzyme Exfoliator}, Susanne Kaufmann {Enzyme Peel}

Comment below guys 🙂