Hard work=Success

Nothing worth doing is ever easy

No one said the way to the top wouldn’t be breezy

There’s no such thing as an overnight success

So why do we expect more, from less?

There is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work

But still people try and walk around it with failed footwork

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

All these things people really do say

But take the time to learn where the lessons come from

And remember that a word from the wise is never dumb

You have to really want it if you want to succeed

In Life, hard work is one of the few things you’ll always need

Hard work is what pushes you when the tank hits empty

Hard work is the courage to move forward when the path seems risky

Hard work is the sweat that cools you from the fire

Hard work is the fuel of your inner most desire

So why do we take it for granted day after day?

Many times there is no easier way

But still laziness often seems to prevail

Throwing our hopes and dreams into a widely filled jail

But there’s always a way out if you open your mind

And realize hard work is the key that’s often easy to find

Easy to find but hard to use

That’s usually what stops people from paying their dues

The proof is there if you open your eyes

And be the one who always tries

Don’t let failure win

Get back up and get back in

Prove them wrong when “you’ll never succeed” is what they say

Work hard EVERY day.


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