Ask for what you need

Sometimes we’re afraid to ask for what we want from people and relationships and friendships because we’re afraid the other person will leave if we do. But part of being true to yourself is being willing to speak what’s on your heart in an honest and bold way, regardless of how the other person reacts. I’m not suggesting you make unreasonable demands and project unrealistic expectations onto everyone you know…I’m suggesting that you tactfully and clearly and lovingly convey your needs and wants to the people in your life who matter, because if they truly love you, they’re going to want to show up for you. And if they’re not currently showing up for you, they need to know about it. All relationships that are not two-way streets are dead end roads. If you’re working your butt off to stay in someone’s life who never makes an effort to stay in yours, eventually you’re going to grow resentful and frustrated and even bitter about it, and the relationship will self-destruct anyway. So isn’t it better to just honestly communicate to someone how you feel and give them a chance to respond in kind?


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