Holiday Makeup|Keeping Things Simple

Holiday Makeup|Keeping Things Simple

I’m a simple creature, Minimal makeup is my thing, and I plan to keep it that way, especially when I travel. Regular readers on this blog will be quite aware that I have a love for travel these days. I’m not really a backpacker I just like going on as many holidays as possible and exploring different cultures. Because of this,  I have feel like I have nailed my holiday makeup bag.

I have found the magic of lash extensions, Bloody hell they are time saver. I opted for classic natural looking individual lashes from totally fabulash on Ecclesall road in Sheffield however if you do a little research you will be able to find an amazing salon in your reverse town. If you are heading on your holidays I would highly recommend getting individual lashes as it just saves so much time getting ready in the evenings and you also look great whiles on the beach or pool. I had mind done for Bali and they were absolutely brilliant even when I was surfing & snorkelling.

When I do wear make up I tend to stick to just two products. They have been tried and tested over the last dew years so I know that I can rely on them. This most important product to me is my It Cosmetics CC Cream, I have had to go up to the medium shade in recent months and I absolutely love it. I have droned on about this product for so long now and Its something I recommend to friends and family regularly. The only rubbish thing about this product is the lack of shade options, I really do think It Cosmetics should have a larger variety for all skins.

Who doesn’t love a bit of bronzer? I don’t do anything fancy with it, I like to apply it to all of the high points of my face where I would usually catch sun. I am using a gorgeous bronzer at the moment, Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze. the smooth baked bronzing block adds a subtle glow to the complexion. I like to apply mine using a Real Techniques duo blush brush for a lovely colour without overdoing it.

I like to keep all my bits and bobs in my beautiful Elizabeth Scarlett Watamu Turtle pouch. Everyone that sees this pouch comments how lovely it it & I couldn’t agree more. I have been known to use this as a clutch bag when I am packing super light.

That really  is all I travel with, Simple right?

Scared of scrubs? Read my guide to selecting the perfect exfoliant

I don’t want no scrubs – scouring is for dishes – and although physical face polishers still exist, they’re no longer the über-abrasives of yore. Exfoliators come in many (three) different guises, so here’s a quick guide to deciding which type’s right for you…


For traditionalists (and the thick-skinned), physical exfoliators are effective when your skin’s bunged up or looking parched. Containing tiny grains (usually finely ground ‘organic matter’ such as nuts, seeds, sugar, silica or even coffee), suspended in an oily balm or gel, these buff skin back to beautiful – physically ‘lifting’ the dead cells and debris that can can compromise its light-reflective properties. Best used sparingly (once or twice a week), they’re ideal when you need to get skin glowing – stimulating blood flow to promote a youthful luminescence.

{Top Picks} Su-Man {Exfoliating Facial Polish}, Aesop {Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant}


‘Chemical exfoliant’ sounds scary, but don’t be deterred. These acid-based resurfacers are often remarkably gentle. Invariably A/BHA (Alpha/Beta Hydroxy-Acid) based, they star things such as glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids (all of which are nature-derived), and target the bonds that bind dulling dead scurf to skin’s surface. By dissolving this glue, they help shed the super-thin ‘stratum corneum’ – the oldest, uppermost layer of cells that contributes to dullness and makes skin look ‘meh’. Best used overnight – and always in conjunction with an SPF – these dead cells are protective and without them, skin is more susceptible to ageing UV rays.

{Top Picks} Alpha-H {Liquid Gold}, Dr. Dennis Gross {Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel}


Perfect for more sensitive skins, prone to blocked pores or congestion, enzymatic exfoliants contain fruit enzymes – papaya, pineapple and pomegranate are all common – which collaborate with the enzymes found naturally on skin’s surface, to accelerate cellular turnover and ‘gobble up’ dead surface tissue. By refining skin texture in this way, cells are compelled to regenerate faster – which means signs of damage (scars, blemishes, dark spots) are diminished, and skin soon looks brighter and plumped-up. Enzymes are also less irritating than their chemical counterparts – therefore better for those with an easily upset complexion.

{Top Picks} Josh Rosebrook {Active Enzyme Exfoliator}, Susanne Kaufmann {Enzyme Peel}

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